Memories of Pair Go


Miranti Arundina (Indonesia)

I have unforgettable memories of pair go tournament. At the qualification tournament in Indonesia, we had tournament on the "Internet", one of the go servers. The connection here was really slow. My friends and I have to patiently to wait the connection. It was midnight, and I had exam on the next day. Because it was really slow, finally we decided to continue the game on the next day. Luckily my partner and me won by 0.5 point.

When I went to Japan, I was in my 3 rd year of junior high school. It means it was my last year in junior high school. I supposed to study hardly for final exam and entrance exam, but because there was a pair go tournament, I went to Japan and didn't study for about 1 week. For 3 rd year students 1 week is long time to study. We can study many things just in 1 week. Because of that, I failed in my first term of 3 rd year.

Pair go in Japan was my first tournament. It was like a dream. I could participate in international tournament just 2 year since I played go seriously. I was very happy I could participate. Actually, at the first I didn't know what is the mean of pair go. But after I played with my friends I thought “pair go is so exciting” and until now I still think the same. With pair go we can understand our pair's feeling. It can make us understand each other. Not only when playing go, but also in the real life.

Pair go in Japan was like my first step of my international tournament. I got many experience when I participated. A few months after the tournament in Japan, I won the tournament that held by the center of Japan culture in Jakarta. After that I participated in many international tournaments.

Even though I didn't participate in pair go tournament in a long but I won't forget my first pair go tournament. Because of the pair go tournament in Japan I could meet with many people from other countries.

Even though I had participate in many international tournaments, pair go in Japan is the best memories that I have, because it was my first step in my life.

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